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Product name : Toner cartridge air bag
Bag Dimension : 240mm*430mm
Inflated Volume : 
Material : PE/PA 7 layers co-extruded film
Thickness : 0.06mm
Weight : 29g
Maximum Load-Bearing Weight : 
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 INTPKG® Air Column Bag for packing Toner Cartridge is composed of PA/PE co-extruded film and air valve film to create independent chambers in a bag. The one- way air valve abd indenpent air chamber ensure perfect protection for toner cartridge during transit.
  Following are different toner cartridge air bag dimension we offer.
Bag Color Column WIdth Bag Dimension Before Inflation
Clear 30mm 210mm*395mm
Clear 30mm 240mm*375mm
Clear 30mm 300mm*390mm
Clear 30mm 330mm*435mm
Clear 30mm 420mm*460mm
Clear 30mm 450mm*585mm
Black 30mm 210mm*395mm
Black 30mm 240mm*375mm
Black 30mm 300mm*390mm
Black 30mm 330mm*435mm
Black 30mm 420mm*460mm
Black 30mm 450mm*585mm

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