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Product name : column air wraps
Bag Dimension : 40cm
Inflated Volume : 35cm
Material : PE/PA
Thickness : 100μm
Weight : 20kg
Maximum Load-Bearing Weight : 120kg
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Column air wraps for Fragile products
Height: 40cm
Before the inflatable: 3cm/pcs
After the inflatable: 2cm/pcs
Material Thickness: 100 MICRO
 We have produced many different specially-sized column air wraps for our customers already, thus our range of bag-types has been growing steadily. We offer UNIQBAGs for books, cameras and commercially used gadgets - everything is possible. Please send us your request through our contact form.

On-demand filling reduces warehouse space, handling, and carbon footprint
95% source reduction, recyclable
Large Electronics - TV, PC, Monitors
Small Electronics - Laptops, Cameras
Portable Electronics - Cell Phones, PDAs, MP3s
Consumables - Wine/Liquor, Pharmaceuticals, Toner Cartridges

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